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The Thai Lottery is drawn on the primary and the 16th of each month. The formidable People of  Saudi Arabia Who are Seeking to test Thai Lottery Results from Saudi Arabia Can Get Lottery Winning Number Details By Our Page. ตรวจหวยไทย Here, We are right here to Give the Full Details of the GLO Thailand Lottery.

Thai Lottery Result Today 1-10-2022

Thai Lottery Today Result 16-09-2022 Saudi Arabia, Evening sixteen September 2022 Thai Government Lottery Results to be Declared Today At 02.30 PM. Thailand’s authentic countrywide lottery is run via means of The Government Lottery Office (GLO). It is essentially said incomes posture as Government lottery Office (GLO) additionally known as Head workplace, pocketing 28% of lottery income for kingdom use. Around 19.2 of sixty-seven million Thai human beings performed the Thailand Government lottery, spending seventy-six billion baht (US$2.three billion) billion baht (US$2.three billion).

1st Prize Winner 60,000,00 Baht


Second Prizes Winners Of 2,000,00 Baht Per Each






3rd Prize There Are 10 Prizes of 80,000 Baht Each











3 Page Numbers

2 Prizes 4,000 Baht Each

Last 3 Digits

2 Prizes 4,000 Baht Each

Last 2 Digits

1 Prize 2,000 Baht Each




Side Prize 1st Prize

2 Prizes Of 1,000,00 Baht Each



Thai Lottery Result Chart 2022 January To December
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4th Prize There Are 50 Prizes 40,000 Baht Each

520723 7948/2 629353 835373 330173 039088 520325 501973 396894 547701 422145 095583 690339 444448 259216 702673 912266 357464 096055 415544 101824 421805 561919 850767 245423 140715 006636 070342 576773 377133 666127 431175 979450 614292 458811 401131 861215 471562 556957 609268 068219 884296 762625 415143 299368 726067 067206 736202 588651 049945 

5th Prize There Are 100 Prizes of 20,000 Baht Each

388236 867020 361138 768430 321527 874763 124505 283304 315272 304219 807466 705022 601600 433720 799066 784966 536435 502013 133877 732091 822536 784182 001112 744080 932489 073396 770883 396028 141072 473253 862588 552043 765993 523151 821250 701665 245206 106991 505493 163664 898887 465042 863617 733902 683420 881338 411604 829741 673045 239502 625486 628336 492482 311646 655005 290988 491638 083500 784660 846431 403991 086433 709718 862273 414989 659029 692336 080696 433205 871422 704280 608114 375851 510920 046365 412141 490770 445334 811025 020911 972900 558587 127906 541791 999717 /66546 924165 768114 452740 012413 802433 730560 577121 711/11511  736766 
990351 877758 

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Thai lottery 3up Digits Tips and Magic Formulas For 16 September 2022

Thai lottery end result is coming and in case you’re a lottery Thai end result sports lover you want to be trying to find Thai lottery 3up variety additives for the upcoming Thai lottery quit end result on 16-09-2022. You are in the right area right here. We will guide you about the Thai lotto tip and allow you to win the Saudi Arabia Thailand lottery end result these days. Draw on 16 September 2022.

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We commonly convey a message to our sweet fans that we’ve been given a hard and fast list of experts who continually continue to be on a watchlist of all lotteries inside the global which encompass Lottery Sambad Saudi Arabia, national prize bonds, and so on. However, the Thai lottery is commonly our precedent, and we commonly have near and final recommendations and percentages with our fans. However, one detail we clean amongst all followers is that every one of them should comply with and check the contemporary- day updates we provide you.

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Thai lottery Facebook 3up Formulas

As I cautioned we're right here to inform you of approximately Thai lottery Facebook actual magical recommendations, Thai lottery prevailing range, and  Thai lottery 3up trick for sixteen-09-2022. Each Thai lottery undertaking lover wants to win a prize in the Thai lottery end result. So you might probably need to determine what lucky variety is an awesome manner to win the Thai lottery end result on 01-09-2022. Thai lottery recommendations 3up range machine tips are very vital to get an extraordinary Thai lotto triumphing variety so we have provided you with the entire picture of 3up method recommendations for Thailand lottery quit Thai lottery end result drawing near sixteen September 2022.

Thai Lottery VIP Tips Hold Winning 

Thai lottery recommendations are miles the quality information for the all lotto that nowadays they may be successful of having the Thai lottery VIP recommendations 2022 and I’m high-quality that after the use of those Thailand lottery recommendations method-based Thai lottery loose recommendations these days hints they win the very last draw of this lotto sport. These days we've updated the Thai lottery recommendations phase and submitted the all correct win recommendations formulation which might be profitable on the quit end result time due to the fact at the same time as you operate the personal tip for making the lucky draw range then it offers the quality digit tips. These days we have got pointed out the VIP lotto tip and different associated formulations that keep all prevailing tips and tips, specifically for nowadays’ occasions.

Thai Lottery VIP Tips 2022-2023

Thai Lottery VIP Tips 2022-2023 as it should assure triumphing numbers to Thai Lottery gamers. Never Miss any of the thoughts supplied via the means of the professional panel. VIP Tips 2022-2023 endorse a very last fortunate variety.

Thai Lottery OK  Win Tip with 3up and Magic Formula

Thai lottery loss is natural readability that at the same time as you will have a look at a few expert weblogs Thai lottery king then you definitely need to be reached at lottery Thai the very personal platform for this reason. You were capable of getting all Thai lottery VIP tips for upcoming Draws sixteen September 2022 to onwards and people formulations that provide help to win the quit end result. You realize in every draw a few specific win tips are right here and I’m sure you furthermore might need to build up the prize after using the lottery tips.

Thai Lottery 3up Winning Formulas

Thai lottery recommendations and end result charts for coming quit end result sixteen-09-2022. Today we update all Thai lottery VIP recommendations, prevailing hints and range charts for all game enthusiasts that want to win the stay lottery. In this submission, you collect whole information about 3up Thai lottery magic recommendations lottery recommendations and 3up quit end result charts for each quit end result. You understand the Thailand lottery introduced the very last end result 2 times a month (first and center of the month). Before placing ahead the very last Thai lottery with certain variety consequences we replace all tips and Thai lottery paper formulation because in reality, the ones 3up tips paintings handiest in advance than the end result. It’s a quality time if you want to pick an exceptional Thai lottery 3up tip and test the contemporary-day Thai lottery 3up end result charts on sixteen September 2022.

Do You Know the Thai Lottery Is Legalized???

Thai lottery has now no longer been legalized handiest in Thailand, as a substitute human beings of Saudi Arabia, USA, Kuwait also can take part in it. Today Results might be introduced in those international locations at Thailand Standard time. One aspect I need to feature to this: It is the prison shape of playing in Thailand. The payout ratio of the Thai lottery is 60%. Basically, it's far from a Thai authorities lottery so, it's far enacted with The Government Lottery Office Act B.E. 2517 that is adequate via way of means of default with the Thai kingdom GLO Act.

Is the Thai Lottery Ticket Price Fix?

Nowadays, the Government constantly has a lottery price tag via means of eighty Baht and it'll now no longer exceed the constant charge. Single tickets aren't bought, the handiest price tag pairs. Each man or woman's price tag is priced at eighty baht, and the price tag pair at one hundred sixty baht.

Is the Thai Lottery Providing a one hundred% Sure Number??

Yes, the Thai Lottery Provides one hundred Sure Number often for Thai Lottery Players

Thai Lottery History

A little record shared with you is it's far first off issued in 1868. Thai Lottery Was First Issued On the Occasion Of King Chulalongkorn’s birthday. The King Granted the Royal Bodyguard Department Permission to Operate a Lottery & Appointed an English Man Named.

Mr. Alabaster to be the Director Of the Lottery Office to Operate European-Styled Lottery.

Who Plays More Thai Lottery?

It’s an actual reality that ladies play the lottery greater than men.

Thai Lottery Ticket Wholesaler To Retail Vendor

The authorities' lottery workplace bought tickets to countrywide wholesalers generally known as brokers. Further Brokers brought to 14760 registered retail carriers who at once brought to the public. Thai Lottery carriers might be in a position to shop for Thai lottery tickets at once from GLO beneath neath a scheme to lessen the excessive charge of lottery tickets. Direct buy is to be handiest thru Krung Thai Bank.

Vendors need to first sign up with the GLO and need to open financial institution debts for a fee in their purchases. The new association will cross into impact with the sixteen October 2015 drawing. Vendors are allowed to buy from five–50 books for the charge of 70. forty baht for a couple of tickets. Each ee-ebook consists of one hundred price tag pairs. However, I'm now no longer certain the discount of charge will cross a protracted manner.

Thai Lottery Five Tigers Myth

The new scheme will boom the variety of lottery tickets on the market via means of 7-eight million. The Thai public blamed brokers, the so-known as “5 tigers'' which tautly suggest that(as tigers handiest “consume and sleep”)for monopolizing the lottery exchange and for inflicting overpricing problems. The GLO, doing nothing to dispel this myth, maintained that 5 corporations managed the distribution of presidential lottery tickets to nearby carriers for the duration of the country.

Thai Government Lottery Tickets

The Results Show that the Thai public changed into misled approximately the lifestyles of the “5 tigers” after the whole test there are numerous greater than 5, and the largest tiger of all is the GLO Foundation, a purpose-made mechanism designed to supervise the allocation of cash to charities.

seventy-four million Thai Government Lottery tickets were published for the bi-weekly lottery considering the fact that in 2014, 22. seventy-four million or 30.7% of them have been allocated to ten organizations. The GLO Foundation is the largest recipient, having a hard and fast quota of 9,213,500 tickets.

Thai Lottery Types

Thai lottery tickets have types. One is the Thai Government Lottery (TGL) price tag. At the same time as 2d is the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) price tag, These titles are published on the higher left of every price tag.\

Thai Lottery Winning Prizes Of (TCL) and (TGL)

Thai Government Lottery (TGL) first prize is 6 Million Baht and an advantage prize of 30 million*However, the Bonus prize was removed via means of the navy authorities after 1 Aug 2015, and the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL)first prize is three Million Baht.

The TGL tax ratio is 0.five% at the same time as the TCL tax ratio is 1%. There are 5-2d prizes of one hundred,000 baht, ten 0.33 prizes of forty,000, fifty prizes of 20,000 for fourth, 100 10,000 baht prizes for fifth, and a 50,000 

baht comfort prize for the six-digit triumphing variety plus or minus one.

Thai Lottery 2022 Claiming of Prize Money

To Claim the Prize Please Bring the Following eight Documents.

Winning Lottery Ticket With Your Signature On the Back Of Lottery Ticket

Your Valid Identification Card.

Prize Claiming Duration

five Minutes: General Inquiry

15 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 10 Tickets )

30 Minutes: Claim the First Prize ( For 1 Ticket ),

forty-eight Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than a thousand Tickets)

2 Hours: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 2500 Tickets)

Note: Physically-Challenged Person May Receive the Service At a Counter With Disability Sign

Thai Lottery Live Televised And Confirm Result Timings

Lottery drawings on the primary and 16th of every month are televised on National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and Spring News beginning at 14:30 on Spring News and 15:00 on NBT additionally simulcast on Radio Thailand Domestic Service.

In 2016 the draw changed into an additional simulcast on Tahirih TV beginning from 14:00. Towards the quit of the show, simply earlier than sixteen:00, the triumphing numbers are displayed. Results are published on The Government Lottery Office internet site.

Important Note For Thai Ticket Holders For Claiming Prize

Prizes need to be claimed within years of the draw. If It is Past Due, It Will be Remitted As State Revenue.

20,000 baht prizes are paid in coins via way of means of lottery retail carriers and 1 or 2 percentage fees are charged via way of means of them from gross winnings.

While prizes of greater than 20,000 baht, the triumphing price tag, and its holder need to be found individually in the authorities lottery workplace in Nonthaburi in which a cheque might be issued.

Thai Lottery Claim Prize Period

The Winner Has the Right to Claim Prize Within 10 Years From the Lottery. If it's far Past Due. It Will be Remitted As State Revenue.

Thai Government Tax Percentage

1. After acknowledging the Thai lottery in short one aspect needs to be installed, though, is that Prize Winners Must Pay withholding Tax At a ratio of 0.50% at the Thai Government Lottery and 1% at the Thai Charity Lottery. The Thai Government urges approximately the sales and department of the proportion allotted in.

Thai Lottery GLO Act

According to the act developing the GLO, the proceeds acquired via way of means of the Government Lottery Office from the sale of lottery tickets will be allotted as follows:

1. 60% as prizes.

2. now no longer much less than 28% as kingdom sales.

three. now no longer exceed 12% as expenditure on management inclusive fee of income: 9% for the fee of income and three% for administrative costs.

Thai Lottery Charity Funds

four Million Baht is generated via means of this lottery every 12 months for the charity Thai Red Cross.


GLO is likewise a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) it's also a member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).

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