Thai Lottery 🔴Live Result Tv Today in Thailand 2022

Thai Lottery Live Result Tv Today in Thailand 2022

Thai Lottery is the most popular lottery in Thailand country in this lottery you can win money here you can watch live Thai lottery results officially and if you want to on youtube so visit our youtube Channel tech with saeed.

Prize Number


Amount (Baht)

1st Prize

1 Number

6 Million Baht

2nd Prize

5 Numbers

200,000 Baht

3rd Prize

10 Numbers

80,000 Baht

4th Prize

50 Numbers

40,000 Baht

5th Prize

100 Numbers

20,000 Baht

Extra Prize Related To The First Prize

2 Numbers

100,000 Baht

In the First 3 Digits Draw 2 Times

2000 Numbers

4,000 Baht

In the Last 3 Digits 2 Times 

2000 Numbers

4,000 Baht

In 2 Digits Draw 1 Time

10,000 Numbers

2,000 Baht

Thai Lottery Live

If You Want To Watch Thailand lottery Live Results Click On The Video Below otherwise Read The Article Complete For More Information if you don't want to stay here I have that. thai lottery facebook live option click on the link below.

Thai Lottery Live Today

Thai lottery live tv today

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